2012: Goals and Targets | Week One

Tempus fugit landscape by Alancleaver 2000. CC-BY.

Don’t want to call them resolutions; sounds too governmental.  Instead, I’m noting down—publically—some things I’d like to accomplish personally and professionally this year.  I’m going to attempt (sort of a meta-goal) to note my progress weekly for my own record-keeping, motivation, and accountability.

  1. Read 150 new books (made it through 200, barely, this year.  Being more realistic).
  2. Eat less meat, more vegetables; at least one meatless day per week.
  3. No candy or sweets.
  4. I will drink only beer that I’ve brewed myself, when at home.
  5. Continue working on tech tools for my classes; learning some programming to accomplish this.
  6. Write more, whether for public consumption or not.
  7. Continue my current trend of not bringing work home with me in excessive amounts.
  8. Do more with my family.
  9. Acknowledge that I’ve hit my realistic workload ceiling.
  10. Say “no” more (see above).

Some of these are going to be more difficult than others.  Stay tuned.

One thought on “2012: Goals and Targets | Week One”

  1. All good goals, I pray that you have the inner strength to accomplish all of them. If not it only proves that your human and related to me.

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