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“Venus in a New Light” from the Smithsonian

I’m closing in on the end of the full rough draft–a little later than I wanted to, but still with a good few weeks for editing and finalizing everything.  Things:

  • This is probably going to be longer than 85K words, which is good, because I’m sure a bunch of the words are coming out in the editing process.
  • I’d forgotten about writing captions for photos, so that’s another item for the to do list.
  • I’ve been talking about some of the themes of the book in various venues:
  • People ask me when the book will finally be out and I really have no idea.  I deliver the manuscript by August 31 and then its in the hands of the publishers as they edit, layout, make changes, after which I approve changes, create an index, and so on.  I’m doing the best I can to make sure the manuscript I send them is as trouble free as possible.

So I ‘m on the final part of the first part of the whole process.  I’m finding the process of working with a publisher to be almost as interesting as the actual subject material.  So far, the editor I’m working with has been helpful and friendly, which is all I ask.

And now, back to work.