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First Draft

That’s quite a stack of paper…

It came in a bit under 80,000 words, but that’s fine.  I still have some filling out to do, particularly in the 1970s and 1980s chapter and the conclusion is pretty under-developed. I strongly suspect that the final word total will be closer to 90,000 than 80,000 but I am happy to have some leeway for shaping the thing.  I know there are places that are kind of flabby that could use some tightening up.  I had a real fear that I’d get to, say, 45k and have absolutely nothing left to say.  This will not, apparently, be a problem.  Saying it well, however, is going to be the real challenge…

So now, I begin editing, with two more significant chunks of writing left.  Then polishing, finalizing, and shipping the blasted thing off so I don’t have to think about it for a while!

2 thoughts on “And that’s the First, Complete Draft Done

  1. Thanks, and good job on finishing up your project (which I can’t wait to read as well). The biggest writing hurdle in the next draft will be Billy Meier. Literally fell asleep reading his “transcripts” last night.

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