And Away It Goes

At 90,003 words (not including notes or bibliography), the not-yet-formally-titled Space Brother book is off to the publisher. A month, I point out, ahead of schedule, as I needed to clear the decks for the upcoming fall semester and some other projects. It may be the first time I’ve submitted anything before the deadline.

So now, I’ve got some time while the thing makes its way through the publisher’s system and they find all the things I need to fix. Watch this space for updates.

During the next six weeks or so, the blog here will be more focused on History and Teaching rather than “the Strange” as that part of my annual work cycle is gearing up and I desperately try to make my classes more interesting and useful for all involved. It’s not a moratorium on flying saucers, but it’s close…

…At least for now.

3 thoughts on “And Away It Goes

  1. Will you be discussing Latin American Contactees, or are you going for the easy —read LAZY— Anglo-centric approach? ;)

    Because there are quite a few interesting stories of the Contact kind past the Rio Grande. Like Sixto Paz Wells, a Peruvian Contactee who used to meet with beings from Ganymede who had slightly Oriental features. He’s still around spreading the word of Cosmic love too! :)

    • Hi, and thanks for dropping by!

      I’ll admit that it’s a mostly Anglo-Euro-US approach (with some South Africa thrown in), mostly because a big part of my goal is to connect the Contact narratives and claims to the socio-political issues of the times–and I’m just not expert enough in Latin American history to have attempted it. I looked into some of the stories from down south but decided to err on the side of the regions of the world I had more expertise in.

      Which means, of course, that there’s a spot out there for an awesome Latin American Contactee history for someone to write :)

      • Well it’s probably not gonna be me. It takes me about 4 hours just to write a barely-sensible 1500-word blog post >_<

        Speaking of which, I recently wrote a 2-part little essay about the repressed sexual aspect of Mystical experiences. UFOs were the central theme, but I also explored other type of liminal experiences —and yes, I also threw a bit of Adamsky into the pot ;)

        I would really like to know what you think of it:

        Part 1

        Part 2



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