I’m in the beginning and middle stages of a whole bunch of new things, many of which are exciting to one degree or another.  I’m a colossal dork, so I use the Project Name Generator to categorize projects in ways I’ll (hopefully) remember.  I use Trello to keep track of the different stages and (again, hopefully) keep myself on track.

Some of these projects are purely internal and self-contained–new class ideas, new assessment ideas, and the like.  Others will (once again, hopefully) see the public light of day in some way.  I like code names because they’re fun, but also they allow me to talk about things publicly (like this) without giving too much away.  There’s no legal reason why I shouldn’t talk about these things too much, but I’m becoming superstitious in my old age and don’t want to jinx anything.  So, here’s a brief rundown.

  • OPERATION LEMURIA is a project so utterly secret and potentially cool that I’m barely allowing myself to think about it.  If this works out, it will become public in some way in the Spring.
  • POSEIDON DREADED is a conference paper which is not–surprisingly–about Doctor Who.  At least, not directly.
  • STEAMY FREAKY PARACHUTE is a nifty little set of very brief history writing gigs.
  • SWIFT WOODEN JUPITER is a paranormal/history themed project.
  • RANDOM ANACONDA is not on the list above, but is a course re-development/updating project I’ll be working on in the Winter semester.

I need to get back in that habit of using this site as a place for keeping track of what I’ve been doing with my work-related time.  Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “New Projects

  1. First time visitors so thanks for this. I’ve tried my hand at the Project Name Generator (the conference paper I’m working on is now renamed Liquid Hot Toupee) and Trello looks like a blast. I’ve been looking for a good whiteboard tool.

    Happy writing!

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