The depressing, but motivating, word count bar is back. It’s going to be slow going while I finish up the sabbatical project over the next few weeks, but then I expect this little word count bar to EXPLODE.
So writing on the new book is stuck in the dull, but necessary, background and theory stuff.  I get to do the TV stuff in a bit which is the whole point of the thing after all.  I’ve finally acquired all three seasons of the underrated Millennium and I’m looking forward to revisiting that, as well as some other short-lived classics like Nowhere Man and Dark Skies.
I’m very pleased that OMNI, the awesome science/fringe-science mag from the 80s and 90s is now available in its entirety through the Internet Archive.  This will be a big help, as they had some good coverage and analysis of the earliest seasons of The X-Files.
I’ve spent some of my time refining my working setup in anticipation of some upcoming travel.  I should say I’ve been wasting my time with this, but it’s kind of sort of necessary, if I squint.  I picked up a new, lightweight, laptop bag from Ikea, which will probably carry my reclaimed-from-wife Thinkpad Edge E420s onto which I’ve loaded Ubuntu (If I can’t have OSX, Linux is fine.  Anything but Windows 8!).
I’ll be back teaching in May, both on campus and online and I’ve been thinking about new stuff to do with that.  Mixlr looks like an interesting tool, allowing free and fairly simple online broadcast.  Not sure what I’d do with it, but a possibly useful resource.
Finally, for now, if you’ve read The Chaos Conundrum, you’ll know that I’m interested in archaeoacoustics.  This story appeared yesterday and it’s great to see Paul Devereaux and his work getting wider attention.  This is a fascinating emerging field.

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Speaking of The Chaos Conundrum, it’s now available as a Kobo ebook in the US from the Kobo Store and in Canada from Chapters/Indigo.  I’ll be on the next episode of Binnall of America audio talking about the book with Tim Binnall—I’ll have a link up when the episode drops.
That’s it for now. I’m off to watch the snow melt…

2 thoughts on “Work Updates- NOT BORING AT ALL, NO

  1. Good to see you updating again, I almost can’t remember what it’s like to post at this point, ha ha ha. Thanks for the head’s up about OMNI mag, had no idea it was available digitally. Dark Skies was a fantastic show, especially as a period piece. Sure, it took most of the MJ-12/ Roswell Cover-up stuff at face value, but it was cool to see it done in the middle of the 60’s like that. Heck, the made-for-TV movie pilot for the show had the main character, John was his name I think?, interviewing Betty and Barney Hill about their abduction. Anyway, can’t wait to hear you on TIm’s show. I have to go and actually get some homework done for a change.

    • Ha- yeah, I need to post more. Probably will be–it’s good procrastination! Dark Skies is a lot of fun, and I’m curious as to where they would have gone with it if they’d gotten another season or two. The producer, Bryce Zabel was really good at working the media as well; there’s an interview he did with Art Bell that is pretty interesting. The DVD set has an ad for the book “After Disclosure,” which he wrote with Dolan.

      The BoA show should be a good one–we had a fun time with it and I come across as delightfully grumpy…

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