This is a worth-while read by Paul Kimball [disclosure (heh!): Kimball was the publisher behind my recent book The Chaos Conundrum].  While Kimball was responding to a specific comment (and its author) from a previous post, the following is a good rule of thumb to keep in mind:

Until aliens reveal themselves to be the cause of the UFO phenomenon we are left with are a lot of interesting stories that may or may not be true, and that are by their very nature ‘paranormal’ – very strange, and not explainable by what scientists currently know about nature and our world. If these aliens really are well in advance of us, then it will be a very long time before our science manages to catch up to them… by which time they may well have moved even further away from us.

They, if they exist, are not like us.  In TCC, I ruminate on the possibility that ET might be “post-linguistic,” and unable to communicate with us in any useable way.  I wonder if Anthropology is the science which would yield the most information about our possible visitors.

Regardless, science (or scientism) is a cultural construct.  The natural world, of course, is an actual thing but the way humans attempt to understand it (and conceive of their attempts to understand it) is a product of human society and culture. This isn’t a bad thing, but it is something that must be borne in mind when we rely on science to answer questions that it may be unsuited to asking.

Read the entire Kimball post, linked below.  It’s full of interesting thoughts.

(Via The Other Side of Truth: The Paranormality of UFOs)