Down One of Many Rabbit Holes…

Just got done doing a very fun interview with Greg Bishop of Radio Misterioso. Unfortunately, the live stream at killradio was malfunctioning so it’s unclear how many—if any!—people heard it. Greg should have the downloadable version up sooner rather than later.

Along with talking about The Chaos Conundrum and Extraterrestrials and the American Zeitgeist we discussed the nature of the paranormal, the hassles of writing (and the hassles of getting people to publish said writing), and thousands of other topics.

One thing, which i brought up when I was briefly on the other week was the Boxcar Willie as Lizard Person meme. It’s out there, in various places. Here is an un-retouched shot of a Google search I just undertook:

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So the idea is out there. One of the search results is a good interview of David Icke in the Guardian by Jon Ronson, author of The Men Who Stare at Goats, Them, and others. Ronson writes

Indeed, every individual accused of reptilian paedophilia by David Icke had so far failed to sue, including Bob Hope, George Bush, George Bush Jr, Ted Heath, the Rothschild family, Boxcar Willie, the Queen of England, the Queen Mother, Prince Philip, Kris Kristofferson, Al Gore and the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group.  

This was from early 2001, so the Boxcar-Willie-as-LIzard-person notion has been around for a while. On RM, with Greg, I posited that it emerged as a conflation of Icke’s reptilian stuff with the mind control/pedophilia/cocaine/country music industry conspiracy promoted by Cathy O’Brien in Trance-Formation of America, a troubling and strange book. 

While tracking down the origins of the various slanders against BCW is just plain fun, it also is part of a new project I’m working on (that will be finished sometime in 2015). Speaking of work, here’s some word-accountability:

Some Interesting Recent Stories

The other day, I discussed MUFON and their attempts to use statistics and the like. Unknown to me at the time, MUFON has embarked on a television series with H2, one of the History Channel…um…channels. These are, by and large, devoted to Nazis and aliens, of course. The show: Hanger 1: The UFO Files.  I haven’t seen it yet and, like many pseudo historical things on the History channels, I don’t have to. Jason Colavito, blogger, writer, and skeptic watches them for me and reviews them with a critical and thoughtful eye.

Hangar 1 hero logo hero H

Of Hanger 1, he says:

Seriously: This is the absolute worst H2 “documentary” I have yet seen. It actually makes America Unearthed look responsible and Ancient Aliens seem accurate.

Think about that. Then consider the course upon which MUFON  has embarked. Then cry a little.

Robert Sheaffer’s blog brought this story to my attention.

Nick Redfern, author of too many books to count (as well as the foreword to The Chaos Conundrum) wrote a bit over at Mysterious Universe about The Cryptoterrestrials and the late Mac Tonnies. It’s a good précis on the subject, one that has been known to divide the UFO/Flying Saucer community, mostly because it dares suggest that ETs might not be the answer to every weird sky thing (that’s a pretty rough summary, right there).

Both of these stories came my way via Paul Kimball.  Thanks!

With that, it’s Friday night which means it’s not time for flying saucers, it’s time for anything else! Have a good weekend.

Remote Viewing, 1990s Flashbacks and Short Memories

If you remember back to 1996/1997, you may recall the Hale-Bopp “companion” hoax. A key figure in that was Emory University Poli Sci prof Courtney Brown and his Farsight Institute’s remote viewing of the alleged ship accompanying the comet, due mostly to his appearances on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell.

Brown, et al’s culpability for things like the Heaven’s Gate suicides might be tangential.  It was still quite disturbing to me this evening to find that the Farsight Institute, under Brown, is still operating.

There’s a great part in Jon Ronson’s The Men Who Stare at Goats in which he interviews Brown, who displays a frightening lack of insight into the consequences of his claims back in the 90s. This resurgence of the Farsight Institute is just another example of the short memory of many involved in the paranormal field, sadly.

This little gem, from the current site, seems to be infringing on Richard Hoagland’s Mars gimmick.

What’s especially frustrating is that there is some amazingly interesting information and data about remote viewing out there (Ronson’s book is particularly good about some of the more bizarre instances of US government dabbling in this field).

Appearance on Beyond Paranormal Radio

Last night’s appearance with the crew on Beyond Paranormal Radio is now up for your listening pleasure (click here!).  My segment’s the second one, starting at about 65 minutes in or so.  The first hour was a quite good accounting of some haunted house sort of things.  I think my segment went well—it certainly flew by as I was doing it—and included a listener call-in, which is always fun.

New Interview- The Bruce Collins Show

Just posted this very evening is my appearance on the Bruce Collins Show.  This was a fun one to do, as we delved more deeply into the religious and spiritual side of the topics covered in The Chaos Conundrum than some of my other interviews have.  In particular, we spend more time on what I term the Para-evangelical fringe– topics like the serpent seedline, human-demon hybrids and other ephemera, especially the way it echoes earlier “Satanic ritual abuse” conspiracy theories and panics.  I had a nice conversation with Bruce and it was a change of pace from begin so focused on the UFO stuff.