I’m in the beginning and middle stages of a whole bunch of new things, many of which are exciting to one degree or another.  I’m a colossal dork, so I use the Project Name Generator to categorize projects in ways I’ll (hopefully) remember.  I use Trello to keep track of the different stages and (again, hopefully) keep myself on track.

Some of these projects are purely internal and self-contained–new class ideas, new assessment ideas, and the like.  Others will (once again, hopefully) see the public light of day in some way.  I like code names because they’re fun, but also they allow me to talk about things publicly (like this) without giving too much away.  There’s no legal reason why I shouldn’t talk about these things too much, but I’m becoming superstitious in my old age and don’t want to jinx anything.  So, here’s a brief rundown.

  • OPERATION LEMURIA is a project so utterly secret and potentially cool that I’m barely allowing myself to think about it.  If this works out, it will become public in some way in the Spring.
  • POSEIDON DREADED is a conference paper which is not–surprisingly–about Doctor Who.  At least, not directly.
  • STEAMY FREAKY PARACHUTE is a nifty little set of very brief history writing gigs.
  • SWIFT WOODEN JUPITER is a paranormal/history themed project.
  • RANDOM ANACONDA is not on the list above, but is a course re-development/updating project I’ll be working on in the Winter semester.

I need to get back in that habit of using this site as a place for keeping track of what I’ve been doing with my work-related time.  Stay tuned.