Selected Work dealing with technology and teaching

Selected Work centered on the creation of learning materials.

  • I collaborated on a revision of the assessment program and materials for the upcoming fourth edition of Worlds Together, Worlds Apart from W.W. Norton.
  • “’Hey Kids!  Learn History with Comics!’ Warren Ellis’s Crecy and Trevor R. Getz’s Abina and the Important Men as Classroom Resources.”  Michigan State University Comics Forum, East Lansing, Michigan, February 4, 2012.
  • “Explanation and Analysis” of historical documents from Medieval Europe for Schlager Group’s Milestone Documents website, 2011:
    • Charter of Homage and Fealty
    • The King’s Mirror
    • Statutes of the University of Paris
    • Gregory VII, Henry IV Investiture Controversy documents
  • “Syrian Book of the Cave of Treasures” entry in Milestone Documents of World Religions: Exploring Traditions of Faith through Primary Sources, David M. Fahey, ed. Dallas: Schlager Group, 2010.